Lindsay Lohan Leaked…Probationer or Playboy Poser

By Stephfon Guidry

In the wake of all the accusations, rehab bouts and court dates Linday Lohan, Hollywood starlet and sex kitten found time to pose for Playboy in their 2012 January/February issue. The Magazine was scheduled to hit stands soon but a hacker prematurely ejected the photos onto the internet for all the public to see. Hip Hop star, G-UNIT member, 50 Cent, was more than happy to tell Hollyscoop, “I haven’t seen it. But I always wondered what Lindsay’s (private parts) looked like. Ever thought about it? I’ll check it out and see what happens.” (

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy issue included a 10-photo spread and an interview which was released on a file sharing site in Russia and the Ukraine.  A hacker downloaded over 200 images and linked the Lohan photo shoot together to later leak the digital compilation on the net. “I just pieced it together,” the individual, who asked to have his identity withheld, told through a translator. “When I’ve done it before, Playboy sent a e-mail to take down the links, and I do,” says the hacker describing his previous endeavors with the Men’s Magazine. Playboy replied to the press saying, “Someone took photos of Lindsay Lohan’s pictorial in an advanced copy of the January/February issue.” ( No reports of charges are being filed but the leaked Lindsay Lohan issue is all a buzz on the internet and social media.

Lindsay Lohan’s cover is very classic Hollywood glamour with a touch of Marrilyn Monroe-esque quality in her ability to still look innocently sexy. Her platinum blonde tresses flow down her shoulder while she straddles a Playboy bunny chair. Lindsay Lohan was reportedly paid close to a million dollars for this photo shoot and interview.  The photos are worked to perfection hiding her tattoos and freckles along her body.  Her pale nude skin shimmers in the lighting and the salacious red curtains, in one photo she poses similar to a Vargas Pin-up girl dressed solely in black fur. Not to reveal too much but Lohan transforms in the Playboy shoot from Hollywood star to pure Sex symbol. A PR pro Glenn Selig of Selig Multimedia commented with FoxNews on the impact of the internet piracy on the Playboy sales, “Unless there are some really killer articles in this issue, why would the public buy the magazine, when they can find the same high-quality pictures online?”

Whether Lindsay Lohan is in the courtroom, rehab, making movies, or baring all for millions in magazines she knows all press is good press; so to quote the Chi-Lites classic hit, “tell me have you seen her?”


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