Lady Gaga’s brings ARTPOP to Life @ iTunes Music Festival

By Stephfon Guidry

lady-gaga-artpop-details-coverArt, music, and pop-culture fusion are a few of the words that come to mind when describing the experience of Lady Gaga’s concert for the iTunes Music Festival. She gave the little monsters everything including seven new tracks off her upcoming album, ARTPOP, set to drop November 11th. The show blurred the line between visual art and music as Lady Gaga had multiple on-stage costume changes, high energy dancing, and out of this world conceptual art.

The monsters raised their hands and swayed to the music drinking in the moment of being given a worldwide premier of new tracks from their Pop Diva. The ARTPOP single was a haunting melody of love which Gaga sang in a mermaid-esque costume drawing in the crowd with every note. Juxtapose to this singles pop feel, “Aura”, featured a darker mood and rave music. Lady Gaga hung mid-air in a cage for part of the song then was released by one of her dancers to break into hardcore choreography. Lady Gaga’s iTunes performance pushed boundaries of taste and expectation of her as a performer with each new song she performed. From dancers in pig masks, the mid-drift bearing outfits, the ridiculous energy it took to pull it all off and imagination of Lady Gaga put on a show for the iTunes Music Festival.

Do you love it or hate it? Regardless, you will be talking about her; Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) knows exactly how to keep it current. New singles from the ARTPOP album performed included “Jewels and Dreams”, a hip hop single featuring Atlanta rapper T.I., “Sex Dreams” , “Manicure”  and a ballad “I Wanna Be With You”! The iTunes music festival is set to run the entire month of September with Justin Timberlake, Elton John and Katy Perry.

Jaheim’s New Music Video: ” Age Ain’t a Factor”

By Stephfon Guidry

Jaheim-Age-Aint-a-Factor-iTunesJaheim’s still got his signature swag and more with his current music video, “Age Ain’t a Factor”. Celebrity photographer and director, Derrick Blanks, shoots the music video as a photo shoot embodying the song title by having three beauties model for Jaheim. The “Age Ain’t a Factor” music video outshines the song with a visual cornucopia for Jaheim’s grown and sexy target audience. He is a long way from the bandannas and braids, Jaheim takes backstage to the elegance of the women he photographs as they each lip-sync his song.

The timeless beauties featured in the video are Lisa Raye (@TheRealLRaye), Vivica A. Fox (@MsVivicaFox), and Cynthia Bailey (@CynthaBailey10) none of which are camera shy. Each woman models for Jaheim, making men want to be him and showing the grace of each queen. Saying Black don’t crack is an understatement, it’s like each woman’s figure and face dare time to touch it. Lisa Raye dishes out curves in a cream wrap dress. Vivica A. Fox slinks in and out of shadows like a sex kitten waiting to pounce for the camera. Saving the best for last, Cynthia Bailey gives you #Life! She serves goddess tresses and a #BAWDY that most women her age pay for. The “Age Ain’t a Factor” music video is flooded with beautiful women and grooving music this is Jaheim in his element. Check out the music video before Jaheim’s (@officialjaheim) new Album “Appreciation Day” hits stores Today September 3rd.


Inferno DR CANCELLED at the Last Minute!

By Melvin Browne

1175417_10101263836543606_230476223_nThe popular Gay and Lesbian summer event Inferno Dominican Republic has been cancelled. As patrons arrived to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, yesterday many found themselves stranded with no transportation and abandoned on the island without confirmed resort reservations. Patrons en route to the Island are in a state of frustration and confusion. Some say the event has been “postponed” and many have expressed their rage via social media.

Inferno DR released a statement on their Facebook Pages saying:

“Inferno DR 2013 – It is with our sincerest apologies that we regrettably have to inform you that we are postponing Inferno Dominican Republic 2013. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. It was our intention to provide each client with an amazing experience but due to unforeseen circumstances that will not be the case at this time. We have attempted to rectify the situation but unfortunately we have exhausted all remedies. You will receive special offers and updates about the Inferno DR trip throughout the year. Thank You! “

There is no further information available at this time and everyone is waiting for the follow-up from either the Founder Will Williams himself or the Inferno DR Camp. Some Inferno DR attendees are still trying to make it work and others are lost. Everyone be safe and stay alert to their Official Facebook for any updates that may follow. Good Luck!


Toni Braxton and Babyface Duet – ‘Hurt You’

By Stephfon Guidry

toni-braxton-babyface-hurt-you-thatgrapejuice-e1376772749386Toni Braxton and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds deliver a duet about painful love in ‘Hurt You’. The R&B heavy weights need no introduction and the song is mid-tempo and stirring. The lyrics fit like pieces in puzzle of this love story they sing to each other. Each singer utters, “God knows I never meant to Hurt You”, repeatedly with conviction as if to prove the sentiment to one another. The song captures the feeling of an apologetic break up or lover’s quarrel. This track is perfect for both Toni Braxton and Babyface each with their own hits like:  “Just Be a man about it”, “He Wasn’t Man Enough”, “6,8,12” and “Nobody Knows It But Me”. Will you Jam it or Slam it? Let @HomoCouture know on Twitter or Facebook #KeepItCurrent.

Hate Crime in Harlem: Transgendered Woman Dies After Brutal Attack

By Stephfon Guidry

trans24n-5-webClose to 11p.m. Friday night, Islan Nettles and a group of other transgender friends encountered a crew of men on West 148th street and Eighth Avenue across from Police Service Area 6 precinct. Once the men realized Nettles and company were transgender, the men began shouting hateful heterosexist slurs and fighting. Nettles, age 21, endured a savage beating from the disgruntled group of young men. Immediately after the vicious attack, she was rushed to Harlem Hospital receiving care. Tragically, Islan Nettles held on in intensive care for only a short time and was declared brain dead then taken off life support. 20 year old, Paris Wilson was arrested and charged for misdemeanor assault initially in the ongoing investigation.

An Intern for Harlem design house Ay’ Medici, Islan Nettles is gone too soon. Her Linked-In Page left this quote about her aspirations in fashion, “Fashion became a definite decision for my life after my first show with my hand designed garments in high school at the 11th Grade.” Sadly, Nettles in another number and in growing list of Hate Crimes directed at the LGBTQ community in New York. In the wake of the Mark Carson shooting in Greenwich Village and now Islan Nettles bashing the number is up to 68-recorded gay hate attacks. Let us hope that justice will prevail and that tolerance and change come through these tragic events.

Damien Crawford’s ‘TURNT UP’ Music Video

By Stephfon Guidry

damienDamien Crawford’s newest video “TURNT UP” turns out a fresh beat, trendy looks and energetic cinematography. The video doesn’t give you #TwerkTeam but the song definitely gets you on the dance floor.

Crawford sings “Shake your Body (Body), Touch your Body (Body)” commanding fans to dance like its Friday night and you just got paid. His energy in this up-tempo R&B track is magnetic. He seduces the camera with his overall performance but on the flipside the choreography comes off a little tame. Kudos to the stylist for the wine colored tailored suit, the tiger tee with the tail accessory, and his camo-print pants with color blocking.

The TURNT UP video makes you stop, look, and listen. The music video’s vibrant visuals capture the life of the song. From beginning to end, the quality of the video is polished and packed with performance. Will Sheridan’s rap feature add a Hip Hop edge and flavor enhancing the entire music video! To sum up Damien Crawford in the TURNT UP music video, he’s a “tall, trendsetter, who’s talented.” Don’t take my word for it check it out on his Youtube , Like his Facebookand follow him @DAMIENCRAWFORD on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy!

Chris Brown Drops “Love More”

By Stephfon Guidry

love-more-audio-chris-brownThe 808 thumps in your speakers and Chris Brown is back in your eardrums with new single “Love More” featuring Nicki Minaj. Chris Breezy embraces his edgy bad boy image with this sexed up track.

The music video begins with an all black SUV accented with neon lights there is almost a futuristic feel. Continuing the neon motif, Chris appears behind an X-ray wall half-dressed showing off his tatted up physique and nonchalant swagger. On the way to the club Chris jokes with his friend in the car and some hot chicks in the backseat. Greeted by a club overflowing with women and rocking a b-boy style, Chris Brown dances circles with around the gorgeous beauties on the dance floor. The choreography doesn’t disappoint as Breezy leaves it all on the floor with precision.

Queen of the Hip Hop feature Black Barbie Nicki Minaj spits a few bars, stealing hearts and boyfriends. “Love More” is the lead track of Chris’s Upcoming album “X”. Shockingly Chris Brown tweeted, “Don’t worry mainstream America. After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.” With a Hot beat, catchy hook and sickening feature Love More follows the formula for a successful single but ultimately it’s up to sales so are you going to jam it or slam it? Let @HomoCouture know your thoughts tweet us or hit us up in Facebook!


Lady Gaga wants the “APPLAUSE” of her little Monsters

By Stephfon Guidry

Lady Gaga - Applause (Ernesth García)LADY GAGA’s ARTPOP lead single “Applause”: stomps into your speakers. “Applause” hypnotizes fans with its hook and music that you can’t get out of your head unless you’re dancing.

With a gaggle of prancing drag queens lip-syncing for their lives the lyric video for Applause documents Lady Gaga’s night out at Micky’s in Los Angeles. #iLive for the way the @RuPaulsDragRace alumni (Shangela, Raven, Morgan McMichaels, Chanel & Detox) work the stage and party it up with Gaga, in essence giving life to the song Applause. The lyric video went viral with almost 5 million views while the official music video captures 7.9 million and still climbing. The official music video was released on Good Morning America and it visually pulses with Lady Gaga. The video goes from black and white to Lady Gaga stomping a catwalk, to Popping out of a magic hat all matching the energy of the song Applause. But is the music video too much? Does her artistic expression over shadow the music? Lady Gaga tweeted some insight on the music video, “It’s inspired by the entertainer’s passion for shape shifting. Would you do ‘anything’ for the Applause? Iconography in motion, as magic.” While I respect her artistic freedom, I enjoyed the lyric video of dancing with drag queens more than the iconography of the official music video.

Lady Gaga officially released the track on August 12 instead of August 19, after it leaked on the internet. Her enthusiastic reaction didn’t reach the music charts as it missed the Billboard Top 100 in the shadow of Katy Perry’s Roar. However the lead single did reach #16 on the Dance/Electronic charts. Applause is the lead single for ARTPOP Lady Gaga’s upcoming album set to drop 11/11 the Monsters and fans are hungry for another album from this pop culture diva. But the question is will Lady Gaga have record sales with ARTPOP only time and money will tell. So @HomoCouture readers let us know are you #Monsters jamming Applause or just #OverItDotcom?

HC Approved! Hit Drama Series FREEFALL

By Melvin Browne

media1It gets really busy over here at HomoCouture and I’m sorry guys but I did know about this hit new drama series for a few weeks now. However, better late than never FREEFALL is doing well and needs the help and support of our community for a season 2! I am all down for it, definitely VERY interesting and not to mention the cast is kinda fine lol! The Atlanta-based series FREEFALL was created by award-winning filmmaker Lamont Pierré and produced by Band of Artists. Think… quality production… meets dramatic story-line…. meets ATL eye candy, what else could you possibly as for??

I don’t want to give it all way, so get into the FREEFALL synopsis, midseason trailer and catch up on episodes 1-6 ASAP! Follow FREEFALL on Facebook and Twitter + Subscribe to their YouTube Channel for new episodes and updates. To donate to the FREEFALL Series Click Here… Enjoy!

FREEFALL chronicles the lives of roommates Xavier (Shamon Glapsy), Cameron (Jody Fulton), and Nico (DeAndre Lemans) as they navigate a complicated living situation. For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined by their sexuality. One by one the friends are pulled into the dark side of Atlanta life and must fight to stay afloat and keep their personal relationships from taking them under — before the streets do.

Additional Cast Includes: Chad (Jovanni Colon), Tony (Alonzo Fri’zon), Oliver (J.Troy Richardson), and Ray (Toni Bernard).

“FREEFALL came on the heels of me promoting my feature film debut TALKING WITH THE TAXMAN ABOUT POETRY which stars Vanessa Simmons and Steph Jones,” says director Lamont Pierré. “I wanted to do something different. And I think our fans attached themselves to our series because we are unapologetically different and committed to diversifying the images of Black gay men in media.”  – Lamont Pierré







**For those of you Atlanta residents and people travelling to ATL for Labor Day Weekend Pride. FREEFALL will actually be hosting a Red Carpet Premiere Screening of the Season’s Finale Episodes. The screening will feature a Q&A/Meet with cast and crew and tickets are only $10. Probably will be your best spent Hamilton the whole weekend lol!.

Sunday, September 1, 2013 from noon – 2pm
@Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema (931 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308)


Are You In with the “Out Crowd”

By Stephfon Guidry

993359_484311801663908_1380485262_nThe “Out Crowd” presents us with Marshall, the main character and the average bodied guy with a heart of gold. His motley crew includes Rayquan (Hezekiah White) his Gay-ru/cousin who is a bit of a… I’m just going to say I “HO”, and Lena (Maribel Martinez) his good judy who always keeps it real.

The comedy opens up with Marshall receiving the most dramatic and drawn out dumping of his gay life while his boyfriend (Travis Demetri of ADTV) is orating the house down.  The ke behind this scene is fueled by the boyfriends drawn out theatrical speech and then seeing Marshall’s mute reaction. The Episode may only be 7 minutes long but it definitely grips you with laughs and quick-witted humor. Marshall’s authenticity leads you to understand that he is “not about that life” and ironically not IN with the “Out Crowd”

The “Out Crowd” is a welcome departure from the same cute faces, hot bodies, and tired read sessions that other shows rely on for viewers. This new comedy definitely stands out on its own. The writing of Executive Producer Liki Wright who plays Marshall, outs his cinematography on an industry level high enough to score mainstream attention. The Out Crowd is definitely sparking attention because it delivers comedy into a lifestyle that only we truly understand. Don’t act like you don’t see some of yourself in these characters! Open your eyes and subscribe to “The Out Crowd” and Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest episodes an updates. Enjoy!



The Best Man Holiday Trailer

By Che Ereku

the-best-man-holidayAre you ready for a “holiday” HC? -And I’m not just talking about Queen Madonna’s eighties smash hit!- The trailer to the sequel of the 1999 romantic comedy, “The Best Man,” directed by Malcolm D. Lee, has arrived and it is packed with familiar faces and a new Greek god by the name of Eddie Cibrian who plays Brian McDaniels.

By the looks of the trailer, “The Best Man Holiday” is not going to pick up where the first film left off, but hopefully it will have a few flashbacks that will give some background on the characters relationship with one another as well as what may have transpired within the fourteen years of their lives. We all remember the trifling book that the character Harper Stewart, played by Taye Diggs, wrote that ignited the feud between him and his best friend, Lance Sullivan, played by Morris Chestnut. Hopefully, there will be another book or more skeletons trying to claw their way out of the closet.

Furthermore, fourteen years is a long time to not come out with a sequel to a film, which leads me to my next question, “Why the long wait?” There are obvious factors to consider such as (1) not having a distributor pick up the script, (2) certain actors probably asked for an increase in salary, or (3) the timing was not right. Whatever the reason may be, the trailer does make up for it since it looks entertaining and funny.

“The Best Man Holiday” stars some, if not all, actors of Black Hollywood like Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun and of course the sexy Morris Chestnut, and will be in theaters November 15, 2013.

Will you be heading to the theaters? I sure will be!

Oprah’s Next Chapter with Lindsay Lohan

By Che Ereku

lindsay-lohan-oprahs-next-chapter-promo“I am my worst enemy,” replied Lindsay Lohan to Oprah Winfrey during their sit down therapeutic session of Winfrey’s hit Prime-time series on OWN, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Although, at first I did not know what to think about Lohan and this interview, but after seeing the promo clip I can say that I am feeling RESURRECTED! Did you all not notice how snatched Lohan’s ensemble looked? I’m talking about hair slicked back into a sophisticated ponytail that complemented the koi (orange) dress she had on, and she topped it off with what looked like some polka dot pumps to add some balance to the overall look. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I died!”

Okay, now back to Winfrey and Lohan’s most anticipated interview. The preview did not give too much insight on what to expect on this episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” but by the interviewee alone, you know it’s going to be one of Winfrey’s highest rated episodes! Luckily, for any Lohan supporter or just observer, this interview is just a prelude of what is to come, since Winfrey will be broadcasting an eight part documentary series based on Lohan’s recovery after rehab which is set to air sometime in 2014.

Oprah’s Next Chapter with Lindsay Lohan airs this Sunday, August 18th at 9pm on OWN.

Will you be watching? You know I will be!

Bry’Nt Drops New Single “Keep the Streets”

By Melvin Browne

tumblr_mr3zvoNn1a1snbnfto1_1375791974_coverBry’Nt is much more than just a sickening #BAWDY and pretty face. With the success of his mixtapes Pornstar and Pornstar II: Director’s Cut, his fans are now aching for more. “Keep the Streets” is his new and second single from his much anticipated debut album “Bry’Nt Park”.

Keep the Streets” is a lyrically rugged reality surrounding hustling, running the streets and stacking money. The singles style is very edgy and enticing but the beat is definitely on point and takes the cake. Watch out for the featured artist Ashlyne, who brings a hot new element to the Bry’Nt sound. With such heavy lyrics, her subtle tone really allows the story to come to life. But don’t get it twisted, cuz she sending bum bitches back up back to fleet lol! We ain’t about that life but if we were, we’d definitely be giving Bry’Nt and Ashlyne a call!

Get into Bry’Nts new single “Keep the Streets” and read these straight gutter lyrics. Rap is back.. Gay or not, he’s definitely on point with this one. Hopefully we’ll get to hear it live at a HC event! Purchase “Keep the Streets” on iTunes and be sure to Follow Bry’Nt on Facebook, ReverbNation and Twitter for updates on his upcoming music videos and the release of his debut album “Bry’Nt Park” Enjoy!

Bry’Nt Verse 3:

I must admit I stayed around her

Even though she was a grimey crook

She had the boy doing numbers

Like I had ’em hooked

Other niggas destitute

Her dough was growing by the foot

She ain’t like the rest of fools

‘Cause she ain’t do it by the book

Bry’Nt leaves your ears in stiches with a wicked ending:

Far from being threatened

They just popped up like a pimple


She took her last breath

Last step

Nothing left

Dropped her in a fast death