Keifer Sutherland’s got the Midas Touch!

By Stephfon Guidry

Is love a box of chocolates or is it being able to see the uniqueness in the strangest places? Fox is introducing a new show called “Touch” with Keifer Sutherland, star of “24”. Touch is golden for the spring line-up for Fox with 11.9 million viewers to its January preview. Sutherland, playing Martin Bohm, finds his calling with suspense and saving the day, as his nonverbal son (he’s autistic) is able to see connections that no one else can see.

The cast of Touch is solid with Danny Glover, playing a professor with a special understanding of numbers, Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Undercovers starred with Boris Kodjoe) playing a social worker caring for Keifer Sutherland’s son, and Karen David. Sutherland’s character Martin Bohm will work with Glover and Mbatha-Raw to figure out that his son can predict the future through his autistic understanding of numbers. The show has already been touched by the talented writer and creator Tim Kring. In a FOX All Access Interview, Sutherland reveals his experience in making the show, “The material is just so refreshingly different for me. I’ve hd a blast doing it and I can’t wait for people to see it.” Tune into Fox for TOUCH on March 19, 2012!

Suspense and Spooks on the TV

By Stephfon Guidry

The Screaming silver screen hits like the Saw franchise, Final Destinations, and Paranormal Activity clearly place Fear in the forefront of the minds of audiences. A Haunting of your television screens might be in store when you turn to FX or FOX for the thrilling, spine-tingling shows of American Horror Story and Alcatraz!

American Horror Story brings the chills and suspense to the living room, a stirring world filled with many twisted tales and an even more grotesque storyline. Murders, ghosts, and urban legends collide with more blood and horror than primetime can take this show presents a haunted house with sinister secrets. (Makes Room 1408 look like a Honeymoon Suite!) The Harmon Family in a house that presents every episode almost with another tale of terror of how one of the previous owners dies, giving the nickname Murder House. HowOriginal

The Harmons are continuously trying to sell the house, while the ghosts within the Murder House kill all potential owners and give more backstory. The characters in the home like Constance, very much the Mommy Dearest type, having her deformed son smother in his sleep, Moira, an old ghost with her remains in the back yard, or Marcy the realtor who carries a gun, make this show Priceless. Marcy recently had a thought provoking line: “there are a lot of minority men in this city who would like nothing more than to ravage me on this countertop” SMH Tune into Fx for more murder and gore in American Horror Story Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m.

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those missing prisoners and guards of Alcatraz!? Fox is currently in the works of a sci-fi drama center around this mystery.  The show is in production, run by Jennifer Johnson (Chase) and screen writer Daniel Pyne. So the reality of this sci-fi thriller show set to awe audiences next year. Alcatraz is currently planned as a midseason replacement to air on Mondays at 9 pm in January 2012!

TV what’s next? Who’s New? Have you heard?

By Stephfon Guidry

Bored with what’s on the flat screen starring back at you? Me too so I’m on to the next new thing!

While no one can top the sadistic and witty antics of the Griffin family child-dictator Stewie, Allen Griffin a new FOX animated comedy plans to tango with your television must-haves.  Jonah Hill’s (“Get Him to the Greek” “How to Train a Dragon” Money Ball”) childhood dream of creating and voicing his owncharacter comes to life in Allen Gregory, a fast talking-witty sarcastic snob of a kid. The show centers around the troubles of Allen having to enter public school as a result of his dad falling on financial troubles. While his dad’s “life partner”, Jeremy, (Yup I said it his LIFE PARTNER) must get a job instead of homeschooling Allen and Julie, his adopted Cambodian sister. Allen Gregory is one precocious little boy that respects little authority Critics of Allen Gregory slather their own witty comments: Washington Post calls Allen Gregory “”a coy but limp attempt” at adding to Fox’s Sunday line-up, and that all one can hope for the title character is that he’ll “meet some horrible demise”; USA Today retorts that Allen Gregory a “total irredeemable brat” in an animated program that’s “gross, ugly, viscous and stupid,” and without enough laughs to matter.

Never too Much… TV that is!

By Stephfon Guidry

Get ready to be bitten, put under a spell, be on TOP, be a bad girl, see what college has to offer and be a EXBasketballer Wife. It is time for T.V. Fall line-ups and you don’t want to be caught lacking on your Twitter timeline… #WINNING!

The CWtv Network is ready with a blazing Fall line-up, Vampire Diaries features more, blood, death and tears than Bella could ever hand under a Twilight moon. Will viewers be able to handle Stefan gone rouge leaving a bloody trail for Damon to follow. Alana will be left in Forks picking up the pieces of her life. Catch them on CW Thursdays at 8/7c!

90210 brings a new meaning to high school rivalry this season all bets are off. 90210’s fourth season features the co-eds now heading for college and newlyweds, old flames and yes a Jersey Shore hotty, Vinny has been confirmed to star in an episode ( as the cast heads to Vegas . Catch 90210 on CW Tuesdays at 8/7c!

CW and Tyra Banks bring back viewer’s choice America’s Next Top Model contestants for an All-star edition and let’s see if these girls have their walk, look, and smize together this time around. Cycle “17” will feature celebrity guests like no other, Nicki Minaj, Kathy Griffin, Kritsin Cavallari, Tyson Beckford (hubby alert) and more. Fans will get more than a Russian roulette in the house drama coming from Bianca, Bre, Alexandra, Lisa, Isis, and more. Catch the All-Stars on CW Wednesdays at 9/8c!

Simone Cowell, Paula Abdul, and L.A. Reid are on the hunt to find the next eXtraordinary talent along with Nicole Scherzinger (hosting) X-Factor. Cowell took a small jab at his cohost Abdul saying the X-Factor is “is about giving older women a second chance.” Simone seems to be giving a softer side, will L.A. Reid be throwing side eye all season we shall see if the judges find true star quality and not just another auto-tune sensation. Series Premiere: Wednesday, September 21st on FOX at 8/7c!

Viewers have been addicted to the explicit, illicit guilty pleasure of Bad Girls Club and the seventh season has not left us hanging in the Big Easy, New Orleans. Episode 7 left viewers blowing up twitter as the girls got physical; a fight left Shelly and Angelic LOCKED UP! The Next episode will leave viewers seeing double as Natasha’s contacts get messed up and Judi is ready to give the girls the boot in the BOOT (aka Louisiana). Catch BGC7 on Oxygen Mondays at 9/8c!

Basketball Wives LA: brings to the small screen a cast of very opinionated former basketball wives, sideline chicks, baby mamas or basketball boos. Basketball Wives LA set itself apart from Miami quickly with the constant stuffy rhetoric and hateful comments focused on one cast member. Draya and Jackie are the two stand outs of the chicks for me at the moment the drama ensues and gauntlets are thrown young versus old and re-re-remarried. The Fall Line-up is just beginning you don’t want to miss a moment. Catch the Wives on VH1 on Mondays at 8/7c!

Glee Creator Vs. Newsweek?

By Krystle Carmona

Can gay men play straight characters and actually come across the tube believably? Well according to Ramin Setoodeh, a pop culture writer for Newsweek online…No! Yea, you read right.

Blasphemy! (I know) and clearly I wasn’t the only one who shared these same feelings, because for the second time in a short period of time, Newsweek was a subject underneath the scope once again and not for good praise.

My little gleeks, remember a few episodes back when Jonathan Groff was introduced as Rachel’s new love interest? Well while we were all gushing over the new love addition and wicked musical scenes, Setoodeh was watching in disgust at Groff’s portrayal as a straight man. He simply but vocally stated that gay men playing straight characters isn’t quite believable.

Ryan Murphy, the genius behind this phenom called Glee, spoke out against the magazine by asking everyone to boycott until Newsweek offered an apology to gay actor, Sean Hayes, who was ridiculed by Newsweek just a couple of weeks ago for his performance in Broadway’s “Promises, Promises” ; and gay readers around the world who read the magazine. Not only was Murphy disgusted at the direction of the post, but its’ reckless use of the word ‘queen,’ an adjective Setoodeh used to describe Groff’s performance in Glee. Murphy, tackling on the point that it’s still pretty sad these stereotypes still exist is just the second celebrity in a matter of weeks to have felt outraged by this magazine.

So what’s up with Newsweek? I mean isn’t it supposed to be amongst the more credible and tasteful publications out there? Well, lately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Setoodeh tried to argue his original post through a new online posting, bringing to point the scarcity of gay lead actors. Many voiced opinions came towards Setoodeh. One in which involved GLAAD President, who felt Setoodeh’s second posting was just to cover up his original article, which was offensive and well, rude! He also felt that Newsweek was ultimately responsibly for even allowing the posting to hit mass media and that an apology should be issued as well.

Ramin Setoodeh, who is actually a gay man himself sticks to his opinion only taming it down a bit, turning it into a more analytical piece on the lack of gay leading roles in the industry. However, he still continues to stay true to his opinion on gay actors playing straight men. Murphy, extended an invitation to Setoodeh to the Glee set so that he may introduce him to what his eyes may not see as well as to educate him on a community, to which he is apart of.